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If you are currently a customer, please include your full name. It helps us to lookup the work and services we have provided before, so that we can serve you better. If you are currently a customer, please include your full name. It helps us to lookup the work and services we have provided before, so that we can serve you better.
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Quotation for a new water equipment system
The Water Guy [Echo Water & Well Service] Provides service throughout the West and East Kootenays.…
The Water Guy [Echo Water & Well Service] Provides service throughout the West and East Kootenays.
This helps us as we may know about previous equipment, tests or other information useful to your inquiry…
During the building phase one can pre-plan for space requirements and options… if not we know to ask you other questions regarding replacement or renovations…
Current Equipment (if any) and Water Supply
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We understand that if you are using this form that something hasn’t gone quite right, by helping us narrow things down we can hopefully speed up this process…
RGA stands for return goods authorization. As a last resort solution this falls into certain guidelines. Some are set by manufacturers and some by us which includes eligibility. Not all goods are returnable, conditions and reasons must match… We are also trying to understand your preferences and expectations… Please remember we are not walmart, we are a nice family run business based in reality…
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Service & Repair - Schedule TheWaterGuy Van
If you have a water system not installed by The Water Guy, and don't know what model or make it is you can always send us a photo using the file upload feature…
If we installed it we’ll know a lot about it, we are also able to look up other company's equipment. If you installed this yourself and don’t know much about it, select DIY from the subject drop down and list where you bought it. Pictures always help too…
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The Water Guy [Echo Water & Well Service] Provides service throughout the West and East Kootenays.
Your Appointment Day: The exact day we will be able to visit will depend on when we are next in your area and the requirements of this appointment. We will contact you to set the exact day that we would be able to come by.

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Water and Well Testing Services Inquiry
These are the most common types of requests we get but custom test sets or specific additions to those listed can be done as well…
Your selection helps us to formulate an action plan. Be sure to also add any date related information in the details area below such as; subject removal dates, move in dates… some services can be performed quickly and other tests can take many days…
The Water Guy [Echo Water & Well Service] Provides service throughout the West and East Kootenays.
Current equipment information is very helpful, it tells us a lot about what has worked or not worked in the past, available space and what our equipment is being used in conjunction with…
Information on the source of water plays an important role in determining the best choice of method and equipment and can often help us diagnose the cause of a problem…
Tell us your water problems or concerns
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Hard water can be felt on the skin, hair and reduces soap’s ability to lather. It builds up on hot water appliances which causes high energy use and leads to premature failure. It builds up on tubs, toilets and creates spots on glassware and stainless steel. It is difficult and time consuming to remove…
Sediment often ranges from large particles like leaves or beach like sand but can also be fine enough to stay suspended in a glass of water for hours… this distinction tells us about the micron size of the material. Sediment clogs faucets, laundry screens, damages equipment and builds up over time…
If something’s strong enough for you to smell it in your water then you know it needs to be removed. Clean water doesn’t really have a smell, and is often described as having a freshness… If you can smell it we can remove it!
These problems can range from a chemical taste to metallic, moldy, earthy, salty, and flat tasting water which is usually caused by high TDS… these affect not only our drinking water but the beverages and foods we make…
Bacteria commonly causes mild to severe stomach problems, colicky babies, infections during bathing, and can be life threatening especially for those with compromised immune systems. Bacteria can also produce foul odors, foul treatment equipment and produce biofilm which collects in places like toilet tanks…
Iron can stain red/orange, manganese black, copper green, tannins red/brown… sometimes we can see this in the water and at other times it may only show up on laundry, fixtures, or settle out as residue in the bottom of a glass or pail…
If you live near commercial agriculture, a golf course, mine, industrial sites old or present have old plumbing or are serviced with antiquated supply lines, or known induced substances like fluoride then these are just a few of the common contaminants found in the your local area water supplys…
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